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Your horse is more than just another animal, it may be a companion, friend and family member as well as a work partner, exercise buddy, business asset, and showstopper. To help keep your horse fulfilling all those roles, you need to have the proper supplies for grooming, feeding, exercising, and caring for your horse. Whether your horse is competing, breeding, exploring the trails, or hanging out as a beloved friend, your horse's health is the most important thing to you, and to us. Visit our store in Landrum, SC and/or Columbus, NC or shop online today and we’ll help you find the best horse feed and supplies for your beloved companion.

Types of Horse Feed & Supplies We Carry

  • Nutrena horse feeds
  • ProElite horse feeds
  • Legends horse feeds
  • Supplements
  • Treats
  • Grooming Supplies
  • Blankets
  • Fly Sprays
  • Dewormers
  • First-Aid Supplies
  • Stable Equipment
  • Bedding
  • Lead Ropes
  • Tack
  • Stall Deodorizers

Hay We Offer

  • Alfalfa Hay
  • Alfalfa Orchard Hay
  • Timothy Hay
  • OTA Orchard Timothy Alfalfa
  • Compressed Anderson Hay
  • Mixed Grass
  • Straw

Shavings We Offer

  • Callaway
  • Queen Shavings
  • Triple Select - Large Flake
  • Iron Horse - Fine Flake
  • Queen Easy Sift - Fine
  • Sure Pick - Medium
  • Regal Downs - Extra Fine

Horse Feed & Supply Brands We Carry

  • Southern States
  • Pro Elite
  • Legends
  • Nutrena
  • Triple Crown
  • Purina

Delivery options available, please contact us to review options!

Please visit our store in Landrum, SC or Columbus, NC or view our online catalog to see our selection of outdoor living products.

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