NSI Industries 1450 Cable Ties 14.5 in. - Bag of 100 ; NSI 1450 Locking Cable Tie 4.000 Inch Bundle Dia 14.100 Inch Length 50 lb Tens

NSI Industries

PowerGRP cable ties are guaranteed rugged and powerful, with professional-grade strength and a self-locking design. The traditional serrated locking mechanism provides a secure grip and the bent tip allows for easy insertion.

  • [Adjustable Size] 14” Cable ties securely fasten around wires, cables and other equipment in bundle diameters of .28” (7mm) and 4.02” (102mm)
  • [General Purpose] Reliable, compact general purpose cable ties rise to the challenge with 50lb (222N) tensile strength
  • [Natural Color] Polyamide nylon 6,6 ties are durably strong and heat resistant between -40 F/-40 C and 185 F/85 C, in a neutral natural color
  • [GRP Strength] These waterproof ties are UL Type 21S AH-2 rated, the perfect cable ties for use in general purpose or plenum environments
  • [Professional Performance] This 100PK of 14” (370mm) cable ties delivers the quality needed for cable management in a variety of applications

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