Foals First® Starter & Creep Pellet

Foals First® Starter & Creep Pellet

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FOALS FIRST® - Starter & Creep is an easily digested creep to be offered free choice to all foals. The ingredients are a combination of the best quality milk and cooked grains, with vitamins and chelated minerals added. It is formulated to complement the young foal's digestive system and support healthy growth and development in all foals under 4 months of age.



Product Features
  • Improved Formula, now with prebiotics, probiotics, and more amino acids
  • Milk based transition feed
  • Concentrated feeding levels
  • Chelated trace minerals


Foals First® Starter & Creep is a very versatile foal feed that should be offered free choice to:
  • Nursing foals who are drinking milk from the mare
  • Orphaned foals, in addition to drinking Foals First® - Milk Replacer Powder in solution
  • As the only feed to all foals who are orphaned after 3 weeks of age that will not drink milk replacer
Get the Foals First® Starter & Creep Advantage:
  • Nutritionally balanced and fortified to meet the specific nutrient demands of young, growing foals and compliment mare's milk or foal milk replacer
  • Contains a combination of easy to digest ingredients in an easy to feed pellet
  • Healthy growth, development and digestion 
  • Packaging: 50 lb bags

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