TETANUS TOXOID aids in the prevention of tetanus, a potentially fatal equine bacterial disease caused by Clostridium tetani. Tetanus toxoid is considered a core equine vaccine by the American Association of Equine Practitioners, and all horses should receive annual vaccination.

The tetanus bacteria can be present in the intestinal tract and feces of horses, other animals and humans. It can be abundant in the soil, with bacterial spores able to survive in the environment for years, creating a continuous risk for horses and people. Transmission can occur through puncture wounds, open lacerations, exposed tissue and surgical incisions.1

  • Monovalent vaccine to aid in the prevention of tetanus.
  • TETANUS TOXOID is adjuvanted with MetaStim®, which enhances the horse’s immune response and promotes the proper rate of vaccine absorption following innoculation.2-3
  • Protective tetanus antibody titers typically occur two weeks after the second injection of the initial series.
  • Inject one 1-mL dose intramuscularly using aseptic technique.
    • Administer a second 1-mL dose four to eight weeks after the first dose.
    • A 1-mL booster dose should be given annually.
  • In the event of injury during the initial vaccination program, or if annual boosters have not been given, a prophylactic dose of at least 1,500 units of tetanus antitoxin should be given.
  • Temporary local reactions at the injection site may occur.
  • In case of anaphylactoid reaction, administer epinephrine.


  • 10-dose vial
  • 12 one-dose syringes

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